Let’s have a chat about your project

I am on a mission to help business owners, thought leaders, and experts in their industries who are looking to get you more sales and customers. The form on this page is to ask you some diagnostic questions about your business. I’m not at ALL trying to be nosy, I’m just really trying to get to know your business and see IF and HOW I can help you out :). Complete the short below and let’s schedule a chat this week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Ideally you need to have some sort of established business already. I work well with new businesses, but we prefer to work with a company that is moving fast and not still figuring out their offers or products.

What do I get?

We’ll begin with a 1:1 call with me where we explore what’s not working currently in your branding, designs, landing pages, funnels and web presence.

If we decide to move forward in any way, I’ll hook you up with a DETAILED NEXT STEP plan to get things in gear including a custom quote and proposal.

How much do you charge?

I like to put all my effort into a smaller amount of clients. That being said, I prefer to work with a tight-knit group of clients at any given time to continue to provide support along the way and ensure the best results for my clients.

My prices start at $5k to design and build your custom funnels from start to finish. If you need more such as copywriting the pricing can increase from there. My custom funnel services are considered expensive in relation to design services you may typically find on other sites and from hourly contractors but every one of my clients so far have made their entire investment back in multiples.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! Unlike most design agencies or contractors, I provide a crazy guarantee. If you don’t get your entire investment back within 90 days after launching your new funnel I will work for free to optimize it until you do. If for some reason, it still doesn’t work (which has never happened), I will refund everything you paid me. Sound fair?

“Just want to share that I don’t know any other service provider with your professionalism and ethics, it’s a joy to work with you.”

Sylvia Dokter

Founder, Executive Awareness Productions & Creator of the Holistic Animal Welfare Program